The Book List

Many of us will transfer our addictions when we remove alcohol. Shopping, food, work, these are common. Some of us, ahem, will become addicted to resources and books. When I first got sober there wasn’t enough podcasts in the world, I just wore my headphones every waking hour. Then I discovered audiobooks and my universe was transformed. You see, one of my major addictions has ALWAYS been books. My dream when I was young was to be a writer, heck it is still my dream. And when I got sober, and my brain worked better, and my curiosity for knowledge showed up again, I wanted to read it all, every single book, all of the books, I devoured them. I continue to devour them. I think this is pretty common behaviour in recovery, so here is a list of some of my favourites, in no particular order, with a concise review. I hope you find something here that touches you, something that gives you some words to hold on to on tough days, words that help you find more magic on magical days, maybe even some words that change your life. Because I personally can’t think of many better ways to spend all of the time and brain space that you have just freed up!


Feature 1

Johann Hari - both books


Feature 2

Russel Brand - Recovery


Feature 3

Sarah Hepola Blackout, Leslie Jameison The Recovering, Catherine Gray the Unexpected Joy of, Annie Grace, Sober Curious, The Body Keeps The Score, Mary Oliver Devotions, Khalil Gabril, The Tao of Poo, Eckhart Tolle A New Earth, The Four Agreements, Drink Anne Dowsett, Drinking: A Love Story and Appetites, Sober Diaries, Brene Brown