I am so glad you are here!

Here is where you recover your true self, discover your inner peace and uncover your version of authentic joy, on
the other side of alcohol.

Let’s talk about what brought you here…doubt, pain, the need to numb, to run away, to hide? Is there shame, loss, grief, anger, loneliness, overwhelm? Is it all of this?
Is it more? Is it different? Here is a safe place to tell your story, to cry, to curl up, to let go of regret, to ask for help, to wonder what could be and to heal.

You are not alone. Together, we can explore how to start creating the life you want and rediscover joy, connection and a new baseline level of peace in your life.

One of the biggest obstacles to giving up alcohol is the fear of giving up your social life.
This is a lie, one that we tell ourselves and one that others tell us because they too live in the same fear.

Erica Crescenzi in High Park

On the other side of alcohol, I found the life that I had always been seeking and I was shocked to realize it had been waiting here for me this whole time. My social life had surprisingly improved drastically, and all my relationships became deeper, more authentic and way more fun! I felt deep gratitude and I lusted to live fully and completely like never before. 

Now that I was no longer numb, I had feel true feelings again, both good and bad, and those feelings were so darn real and so strikingly beautiful, it was exactly the opposite of what days had felt like before.

As a Professional Recovery Coach I help women get unstuck and begin to understand what a solution could look like for them and begin to realize and breathe into the beauty that waits for them on the other side of the bottle.

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Where are you now?

Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol?
Are you surrounded by others who also drink the same way and you fear losing your tribe?
Are you tired of waking up foggy only to realize yet another unkept promise to yourself about cutting back…what happened to only have one glass?

Where is the road that leads me back to joy, peace and a lust for life?
Life seem boring how do I fill the time and how do I unwind without alcohol?
How do I find the social acceptance that was promised to me in sobriety and how do I navigate the landmines at parties and gatherings?

I’ve been where you are right now and I have learned so much that I want to share with you.


 First we get sober, then we thrive!